I believe in putting your child at the center of focus and with strong collaboration with the family and school, I will apply the most effective testing and treatment strategy to ensure the best outcome for your child.

sunflower Consultation / Coaching

  • Joint problem solving with parents to share and discuss about your child’s development and strategic issues
  • Understanding your child’s needs, prioritizing instructions and support services both in school and at home
  • Related concerns can be development, literacy/ English, Numeracy/ Mathematics, Attention, Social, Behaviours and Emotional
  • Is the Starting point and the Beginning of an Assessment Process
  • Consultation is also to review the recommendations/ Interventions for Impact and Progress of child
  • Coaching for your child’s sleep difficulties from 6 month onwards to facilitate better sleep for the family
  • Coaching for better executive function, learning skills, attention and behavioural difficulties for the child

sunflower Assessment

  • This is the process involving information gathering from a variety of sources and across multiple settings, possibly over a period of time
  • Brief, specific or comprehensive testing may also take place in the clinic
  • Testing in clinic is personalized to the needs of the child and holistic to address all possible concerns
  • Breadth of evaluation consists of cognitive, academic, social, emotional, attention or behavioural battery of tests
  • The main aim is to identify lagging skills and unique strengths to booster their ability
  • The results of the assessments are used to identify and inform future supports and interventions necessary for the child
  • The results will confirm the diagnosis if necessary
  • My report and involvement contributes directly to the IEP/ Educational plan for the child in the school

sunflower Feedback

  • Verbal feedback is initially given to parents about results, diagnosis and recommendations
  • Purpose is to facilitate the follow up care in school and referrals to other professionals/ best intervention approach if needed
  • Psychological report as part of the assessment will be provided
  • Psychological report meets the requirements for school accommodations, school applications and placement and exam boards

sunflower Collaborations

  • Emphasis is on evidence-based approaches
  • Purpose is to maximise the child’s potential to overcome his or her barriers to learning
  • School partnership to ensure the needs of the child are met
  • Progress is reviewed every six-month